Uplift Her featuring Sine Joyi

We are surrounded by extraordinary women who create, design, teach, empower and lead. Join Digicape this month as we honour our sisters, by sharing their stories every week. Meet Sine Joyi - Model, Social Media Co-ordinator and Humans Rights Acti READ MORE

South African Women Who Are Transforming Technology

13 August 2021We know about the South African women who have helped to actively transform the political state of our count READ MORE

Adobe Photoshop v22.3 update with Apple Silicon support

Adobe is rolling out a Photoshop update to bring native support for Apple Silicon, promising users 1.5x faster performance than running the software via Rosetta e READ MORE

Closure of Stellenbosch Store

1 Dec 2020 - It is with great sadness that we have decided to permanently close our Digicape retail store located at 3 Bird Street in Stellenbosch, Western Cape.


Cape Town Service Centre has moved

7 Dec 2020 - In line with our promise to continuously strive to improve our service offering, Digicape is centralising our Apple Authorised Service Centre...


iPadOS 14 New features - Episode 1

iPad keeps on getting better and better.

Redesigned Apps give streamlined control for Photos, Files and more. Less intrusive search screens, a more demure Siri… 


Getting Ready for Big Sur - Quickcast 025

Now that macOS 11.0 (Big Sur) is here, we offer you our annual guidelines for preparing for the upgrade.

An immediate payment option with FASTACheckout

20 Nov 2020 - The way consumers pay has evolved and so have we! We have partnered with FASTA to bring you an exciting new way to pay for your online purchases at Digicape.


Introducing your Virtual Shopping Assistant at Digicape

Our safe and secure virtual shopping experience allows you to connect with one of our experienced sales specialists from wherever you are.


Busting the myths for businesses seeking to switch to Mac

Business owners and decision makers wanting to improve efficiencies often consider switching from PC to Mac, but are sometimes deterred by the perceived schlep involved. We list a few common ... READ MORE

Managing digital natives vs immigrants in a world ruled by technology

You’re very likely familiar with the terms baby boomer (1946–1964), Gen X (1965–1976) and Gen Y (1977–1995) – with the latter more commonly known as millennials – but what happens when ...


Square eyes and sharp minds: screen time, reconsidered

For as long as we can remember, screen time has been widely regarded as a very bad thing. Nowadays, we acknowledge the necessity of technology in the modern world, yet we blame ...


The classroom of the future: Redefining the role of technology

Schools, for the most part, haven’t yet unlocked technology’s potential for transformation. Teachers are using technology to substitute traditional learning tools and methods. While this is ...& READ MORE

What you need to ask your reseller when purchasing a new device

There’s no disputing Apple’s pulling power – the intuitive user experience, superb interface and design. However, when buying ...