What you need to ask your reseller when purchasing a new device

There’s no disputing Apple’s pulling power – the intuitive user experience, superb interface and design. However, when buying a new product, many people don’t ask the right questions of their reseller upfront. We break down four important questions you need to be asking your reseller when making a purchase.

Who does your repairs?

Always ask your reseller whether they have an Apple Authorised Warranty Service Centre. Some resellers do not have an in-house service centre and rely on external companies for repairs, which generally requires the product to be shipped. An authorised Apple in-house service centre, such as we have at Digicape, ensures a faster turnaround time.

What happens if I need support?

Ask if your reseller has an accessible support centre, readily available to assist you if and when needed. Digicape offers customers a free consultation if a faulty device is brought into the store, as well as the convenience of a call-out (outbound) service, for a fee.

Who can help with my device set-up and other questions I might have?

Premium Apple resellers have trained staff and accessible call centres that can assist with any set-up questions you might have. However, be sure to check that staff members are trained Apple professionals, and ask for a direct contact number.

Do you offer training?

Many people aren’t aware that there’s training available to help you get to grips with a new device or programme. Digicape offers workshops and training to customers – from beginner (the PC-switcher course is particularly popular with first-time Mac users) right through to pro-level.

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