An immediate payment option with FASTACheckout

20 November 2020

The way consumers pay has evolved and so have we! We have partnered with FASTA to bring you an exciting new way to pay for your online purchases at Digicape.

FASTA is an online consumer finance business that offers its customers a range of financial services products both directly as well as through partnerships with leading retailers and online merchants such as Digicape.

FASTACheckout enables you to fund your online purchase at checkout using access to credit without leaving our website. FASTA pays us and you repay FASTA in up to three monthly instalments.FASTACheckout also allows you to pay a deposit on your purchase and get the balance of the purchase on credit.

FASTACheckout Highlights

  • Competitively low interest rates when compared to other credit providers
  • No lengthy credit agreements! You can repay your FASTACheckout credit in monthly instalments, over 3 months
  • Up to R8000 credit
  • The application process is self-service and entirely online
  • Funding is secured without a credit card.

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