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Auckey Qi-Enabled Wireless Charger

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Compact size
takes up minimum space on your desk
easy to take and travel

Charging simplified 
Frustrated with messy, often incompatible cables? Thanks to cutting-edge Qi inductive charging technology, simply place your phone on the charger and have it charge while you concentrate on your work or relaxing without any worry.

Embrace the future 
Qi is the leading wireless charging standard from Wireless Power Consortium. It is widely adapted by many device manufacturers and incorporated in some of the latest Android devices. Even when your phone is not natively compatible, there are Qi wireless charging receiver and cases available (sold separately).

Small and Smart 
The Aukey Wireless Charger is compact in design, and fits perfectly on your desktop with minimal space. Anti-slip rubber coating keeps your phone in place. Its LED indicator will let you know when it is charging. Once your phone battery is full, charging will automatically stop.

  • LED indicates charging status: white for connected with power, flashing white/green means the device is charging, automatically stop charging when battery is full.
  • Qi Standard compatible with iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus´╝îiPhone X.