Terms & Conditions

The Extended Warranty must be purchased and registered within the first 11 months of your New Apple device’s original Apple hardware warranty. Keep the confirmation and the original sales receipts of your Apple product(s) as well as the Extended Warranty. Proof of purchase may be required if there is any question as to your products eligibility for the Extended Warranty coverage. Only genuine parts are utilised during a repair. The extended warranty does not cover accidental or physical damage of any form. Digicape Protection Plan cannot be transferred to another device. A separate plan must be purchased for each product to be covered.

Digicape Protection Plan (DPP) Terms & Conditions

Digicape Protection Plan (the “DPP”) is a product underwritten by Praysa Trade 1167 (Pty) Ltd t/a Digicape, an authorised Apple Reseller. Your Extended Warranty (referred to herein as the “DPP”) is governed by the following Terms and Conditions. Subject to these Terms and Conditions, your DPP (i) covers defects for the Apple branded product(s) and accessories (collectively referred to herein as the "Covered Equipment”) listed in your DPP Coverage and (ii) is only available for the Apple branded product(s) purchased from Digicape in South Africa.

1. Repair Coverage

Your coverage for defects begins on the date your Covered Equipment's Apple hardware warranty expires and terminates at the end of the Coverage Period (“Repair Coverage Period”). The duration of the DPP Coverage is valid for the set period (“Coverage Period”) specified in the DPP purchased, commencing on the date of invoice for the DPP. The price of the DPP is listed on the DPP's original sales receipt. There is no informal dispute settlement process available under this DPP.

Digicape will, at its option, repair or replace the affected Covered Equipment, if:

  1. during the Repair Coverage Period there is a defect in the Covered Equipment's materials or workmanship or, 
  2. during the Coverage Period, the capacity of the Covered Equipment's battery to hold an electrical charge has depleted fifty (50%) percent or more from its original specification (after being fully charged and the Covered Equipment playing audio or video with all settings reset).

Digicape will provide both parts and labour. Digicape may provide replacement product or parts that are manufactured from parts that are new or equivalent to new in both performance and reliability. The replacement product or parts will be functionally equivalent to the replaced product or parts and will assume the remaining coverage under the DPP. The product or parts that are replaced become Digicape's property. Digicape strongly advises you to record as a backup, data and software residing or recorded in the Covered Equipment, before making the Covered Equipment available for service. Telephone support for the Covered Equipment, is limited to hardware support only.

DPP Coverage

  1. DPP Basic – iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch
    1. Two (2) year warranty;
    2. Free assessments and replacement quotes;
    3. Free training voucher for onsite or remote;
    4. Free helpdesk support;
    5. Transfer warranty to new owner;
    6. Free collection and delivery;
    7. Free instore fundi support;
    8. Free instore training;
    9. Free data migration to your new device.
  2. Digicare – iPhone and iPad
    1. Three (3) year warranty;
    2. DPP Basic coverage;
    3. One free screen repair (R1 000 service fee);
    4. Cancellation of plan.
  3. DPP Premium – iPhone and iPad
    1. Three (3) year warranty;
    2. DPP Basic coverage;
    3. Discounted labour rates;
    4. Guaranteed trade-in;
    5. Fast tracked repairs;
    6. Discount on parts when device is physically damaged.
  4. DPP Executive – MacBook Air 13” & 15”, Mac Mini, MacBook Pro 13”, iMac, Mac Studio, and MacBook Pro 14” & 16”
    1. Four (4) year warranty;
    2. DPP Premium coverage;
    3. Free yearly service;
    4. Loan machine;
    5. Dedicated consultant to your business;
    6. Battery cover.

2. Limitations

The DPP does not cover:

  1. Installation, removal or disposal of the Covered Equipment, or installation, removal, repair, or maintenance of non-Covered Equipment (including accessories, attachments, or other devices) or network or cellular service external to the Covered Equipment;
  2. Damage to the Covered Equipment caused by accident, abuse, neglect, misuse (including faulty installation, repair or maintenance by anyone other than Digicape, unauthorized modification, extreme environment (including extreme temperature or humidity), extreme physical or electrical stress or interference, fluctuation or surges of electrical power, lightning, static electricity, fire, acts of God or other external causes;
  3. Covered Equipment with a serial number that has been altered, defaced or removed;
  4. Problems caused by a device that is not the Covered Equipment, including equipment that is not Apple-branded, whether or not purchased at the same time as the Covered Equipment;
  5. Service necessary to comply with the regulations of any government body or agency arising after the date of this DPP;
  6. Problems caused by the function of a network or cellular service or viruses or other software problems introduced into the Covered Equipment;
  7. Covered Equipment that has been lost or stolen. This DPP only covers Covered Equipment that is returned to Digicape in its entirety;
  8. Cosmetic damage to the Covered Equipment including but not limited to scratches, dents and broken plastic on ports;
  9. Preventative maintenance on the Covered Equipment;
  10. The provision of replacement equipment during the period when the Covered Equipment is being serviced;
  11. Damage to, or loss of any software or data residing or recorded in the Covered Equipment. THE CONTENTS OF YOUR COVERED EQUIPMENT WILL BE DELETED AND THE STORAGE MEDIA REFORMATTED IN THE COURSE OF SERVICE. Your Covered Equipment or a replacement product will be returned to you as your Covered Equipment was configured when originally purchased, subject to applicable updates. Digicape may install system software (“Product OS”) updates as part of your service that will prevent the Covered Equipment or a replacement product from reverting to an earlier version of the Product OS. Third party applications installed on the Covered Equipment may not be compatible or work with the Covered Equipment or a replacement product as a result of the Product OS update. You will be responsible for reinstalling all other software programs, data and passwords. Recovery and reinstallation of software programs and user data are not covered under your DPP;
  12. Defects caused by normal wear and tear or otherwise due to normal aging of the product;
  13. Protective coatings designed to diminish over time unless failure has occurred due to a defect in materials or workmanship, and
  14. Except as specifically provided herein, any other damages that do not arise from defects in materials and workmanship or ordinary and customary usage of the Covered Equipment.
  15. Issues that could be resolved by upgrading software to the then current version;
  16. Your use of or modification to the Covered Equipment, the Product OS or Product Software in a manner for which the Covered Equipment or software is not intended to be used or modified;
  17. Third-party products or their effects on or interactions with the Covered Equipment, the Product OS or Product Software;
  18. Your use of a computer or operating system that is unrelated to Product Software or connectivity issues with the Covered Equipment;
  19. Apple software other than the Product OS or Product Software, as covered under the DPP;
  20. Product OS software or any Apple-branded software designated as “beta”, “pre-release”, or “preview” or similarly labelled software; and
  21. Batteries other than as covered under the DPP Executive.

3. Secure Options

  1. Carry-in service. Return the Covered Equipment requiring service to a Digicape retail store or service centre. Service will be performed at the location, or the store may send the Covered Equipment to a Digicape repair service centre to be repaired or replaced. Once you are notified that service is complete, you will be required to promptly retrieve the product.
  2. Collection service is available for most Covered Equipment. If Digicape determines that your Covered Equipment is eligible for collection service, and is within the collection service area, Digicape will arrange shipment of the Covered Equipment to Digicape 's repair service location in accordance with its instructions. Once service is complete, the Digicape repair service location will return the Covered Equipment to you. Collection service is only available in JHB and CPT, and it is limited to service centre surrounding areas.

4. Your Responsibilities

To receive service under the DPP, you agree to comply with the following:

  1. Provide your proof of purchase of the DPP and serial number of the Covered Equipment;
  2. Provide information about the symptoms and causes of the problems with the Covered Equipment;
  3. Respond to requests for information, including but not limited to the Covered Equipment serial number, model, version of the operating system and software installed, any peripherals devices connected or installed on the Covered Equipment, any error messages displayed, actions taken before the Covered Equipment experienced the issue and steps taken to resolve the issue; and
  4. Follow instructions Digicape gives you, including but not limited to refraining from sending Digicape products and accessories that are not subject to repair or replacement service and packing the Covered Equipment in accordance with shipping instructions; and
  5. Update software to currently published releases prior to seeking service.

5. Limitation of Liability

To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, Digicape and its employees and agents will under no circumstances be liable to you or any subsequent owner for any indirect or consequential damages, including but not limited to costs of recovering, reprogramming, or reproducing any program or data or the failure to maintain the confidentiality of data, any loss of business, profits, revenue or anticipated savings, resulting from Digicape's obligations under this DPP. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, the limit of Digicape and its employees and agent's liability to you and any subsequent owner arising under the DPP shall not exceed the original price paid for the DPP. Digicape specifically does not warrant that it will be able to

  1. repair or replace covered equipment without risk to or loss of programs or data, and
  2. maintain the confidentiality of data.

6. Transfer of DPP

You may transfer this DPP to a new owner of the Covered Equipment by sending, faxing or emailing notice of transfer to Digicape. You must provide the serial numbers of the Covered Equipment being transferred, proof of purchase of the DPP, and the name, address, telephone number and email address of the new owner.

7. General Terms

  1. Digicape may subcontract or assign performance of its obligations to third parties but shall not be relieved of its obligations to you in doing so.
  2. Digicape is not responsible for any failures or delays in performing under the DPP that are due to events outside Digicape's reasonable control.
  3. You are not required to perform preventative maintenance on the Covered Equipment to receive service under the DPP.
  4. In carrying out its obligations Digicape may, at its discretion and solely for the purposes of monitoring the quality of Digicape's response, record part or all of the calls between you and Digicape.
  5. You agree that any information or data disclosed to Digicape under this DPP is not confidential or proprietary to you. Furthermore, you agree that Digicape may collect and process your data when it provides service or confirms compliance with applicable laws. This may include transferring your data to affiliated companies or service providers.
  6. Digicape has security measures, which should protect your data against unauthorized access or disclosure as well as unlawful destruction. You will be responsible for the instructions you give to Digicape regarding the processing of data, and Digicape will seek to comply with those instructions as reasonably necessary for the performance of the service and support obligations under the DPP. If you do not agree with the above or if you have questions regarding how your data may be impacted by being processed in this way, contact Digicape at the telephone numbers provided.
  7. The Terms and Conditions of this DPP prevail over any conflicting, additional, or other terms of any purchase order or other document and constitute your and Digicape's entire understanding with respect to the DPP.
  8. Your rights under the DPP are in addition to any warranty rights you may be entitled to. You must purchase and register the DPP while your Apple-branded product is within Apple's One Year Limited warranty. Digicape is not obligated to renew this DPP.
  9. There is no informal dispute settlement process available under this DPP.
  10. In the event any section or portion of a section of these Terms and Conditions are deemed invalid, void or unenforceable, that section or portion of a section shall be stricken from the Terms and Conditions, and the remaining Terms shall continue in full force and effect.
  11. This agreement constitutes the sole agreement between you and Digicape, and is governed by South African law.
  12. The DPP is available in South Africa only. Should you leave South Africa, you may still make use of your existing DPP if you can deliver and collect the Covered Equipment to Digicape Cape Town or Johannesburg premises.

Contact support@digicape.co.za for any queries.