Wacom Bamboo Stylus Solo3

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Model: CS-160E

Anything you can do on a touch screen with your finger, you can now do with a Bamboo Stylus. But you can do it better and more precisely. Discover a clean, easy and more personal way realise the potential of your touch screen device. 

Like things free and easy? Remain true to your style and simplify your mobile life with the smoothest pen-like experience on touch screen whether you navigate, write or doodle.

The smooth experience
Enjoy smooth and smudge-free navigation with the unique and responsive carbon fibre nib on your third-generation Bamboo Stylus solo. Handwriting and sketching feel completely natural thanks to its perfect in-hand balance.

Stands the test of time
Made of high-quality materials and crafted with care, your Bamboo Stylus solo will prove to be a dependable friend. The elegant aluminium cap protects its highly durable carbon fibre nib. Should this nib ever wear out after extensive use, you can easily replace it.