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Enjoy 2 Pens in 1 - For Touchscreen, For Paper, For Work and For Fun

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Model: CS-150
Quick Start Guide

Bamboo Stylus Duo is an elegant pen that combines 2 worlds: the power of a digital stylus and a traditional ink pen in 1 sleek device. Bamboo Stylus Duo is another innovative development by Wacom. It has 2 high-quality nibs, 1 for touchscreen devices and 1 for regular paper so that you can navigate, write, draw and doodle on screen and on paper easily and naturally, on the go and wherever you are.

Performance On Screen and On Paper

You can switch between your touchscreen device and your paper notebook with just 1 pen, The sensible nib for multimedia tablets, e.g. your iPad, slides very smoothly over the screen and works exactly and precise like a regular pen on paper.

As it is only 5mm in diameter you will have more detail control with Bamboo Stylus Duo's nib than with other digital pen solutions. The nib for paper is filled with typical ink and works like a top-of-the-range ball point.

And no worries for neither end of your Bamboo Stylus duo: When the rubber nib wears off after extensive use, you can replace it as easily as the ink refill.

App-solutely Advanced

Switching from paper to your touchscreen device doesn't mean you are limited in your creativity: Simply choose and use the right app and experience the full creativity, efficiency and convenience of Bamboo Stylus Duo on your touchscreen device. The Bamboo Paper app and Bamboo Loops app are highly recommended for Bamboo Stylus Duo:

  • Bamboo Paper makes taking notes, sketching and drawing as straightforward and simple as using a paper notebook. But unlike from your paper notebook you can easily export your creations to a variety of cloud services (Dropbox, Evernote) and social media (Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook).
  • Bamboo Loop makes messaging visual, beautiful and fun. Put a touch of personality and flair to your messages by choosing from a variety of styles and realistic inking tools. Add more styles from our style gallery, reply on cards, post and share what you have to say and show with your friends.

Feel Quality and Experience Great Design

Bamboo Stylus Duo is designed very ergonomic and sits ideally in your hand. You will feel this every time you use your Bamboo Stylus Duo: The balanced weight distribution combined with the soft rubber nib makes it easy to glide and drift softly over your touchscreen display. The pen nib is very thin and light -- that makes writing and sketching not only feel smooth but accurate and authentic at the same time. The nib for paper is filled with typical ink and works like a top-of-the-range ball point.

Practical and Stylish

Bamboo Stylus Duo is not only extremely practical featuring a digital stylus and an analog pen in 1 device, but also very stylish. 

Bamboo Stylus Duo is made of high-quality materials, crafted with care and developed for a high-quality experience in both the digital and the analog world. Its clean-lined design and selected materials let the soft-touch finish body feel comfortable and well balanced in your hand. And on top, an elegant cap of polished anodised aluminium protects the unused nib while you use the other side.

Facts and Features

  • Compatible with all tablets and smart phones with capacitive touch screen
  • 5mm pen tip diameter for maximum detail precision

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