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Wacom Intuos 3D Medium Pen & Touch

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The first time you meet him for real You’re only an Intuos away

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ZBrushCore 3D software and online tutorials included with purchase
Connects to Mac or PC and works with any software program
Can be set up for right or left-handed use
Comes with battery-free pen

Get to grips with the 3D world
Ready to take your vision to the next level? Intuos 3D comes with the software and tutorials you need to help you create in three dimensions. Plug in, download and you’ll soon be sculpting, painting and ready to render your latest models with confidence. You’re closer than you think.

Ideas taking shape
Characters, models, toys, jewellery – shape, sculpt and paint them all with the Intuos pen tablet. The pressure sensitive, natural-feeling pen and predefined ExpressKeys™ will easily become your on-screen sculpting tools and paint brush.

Software to take you from sketch to real thing
The ZBrushCore from Pixologic, is the leading 3D-Sculpting/Digital-Clay application in a new, powerful and easy-to-learn format. It’s user-friendly with easy starting points, including ready-made basic shapes and templates for your own digital sketch.

Quick. Smart.
With access to online training and tutorials included, it’s easy to get set up and learn new skills.

Dreams made real
Once you’ve finished sculpting, you can export your ZBrushCore creations to other digital applications. It’s time to introduce your characters to the world – hello!