Wacom Stylus Pocket Pen

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Model: CS-200
Bamboo Stylus with firm rubber nib
Stylus cap with strap and headphone jack plug
Colour rings (2 sets)
Soft replacement rubber nib (1)
Quick start guide

The Bamboo Stylus pocket is the smallest member of the Bamboo Stylus family – but no less impressive than its bigger brothers. It shrinks to fit into any pocket. The perfect travel mate. And when you need it, it extends to full size and sits comfortably in your hand.

Whether you are on the go or have arrived at your destination, the Bamboo Stylus pocket lets you jot down thoughts and ideas easily on your screen. A clever little connector that attaches the stylus cap to any standard headphone jack makes sure your Bamboo stylus pocket does not get lost on the way. A choice of decorative red or blue coloured rings offers a dash of personalisation. The elegant high-end design rounds off the picture. And like its brothers, the little giant features a quickly replaceable rubber nib.

With the Bamboo Stylus pocket, you are ready for your flash of genius. At home or at the end of the world.


  • Fits in any pocket
  • Extends in length for comfortable use.
  • Satin-textured metal body.
  • Plug attaches cap to standard headphone jack
  • 25% slimmer rubber tip than other solutions on the market
  • Weight-balanced design

Bamboo Stylus rubber nibs are produced with the highest quality materials to ensure the best on screen feeling and experience. However, as with most other things, after excessive or extended use it is possible that the nibs can show signs of wear.

We rigorously test all Bamboo Stylus to ensure you get to enjoy them for as long as possible, however depending on your usage level at some point they may need replacing. The rubber nib design eliminates the need for users to apply heavy pressure when using on screen, which assists in extending the nib life. It is advisable to prevent the stylus from being dropped as this can cause premature nib damage.

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