Marley Bag of Riddim

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Take your music with you!

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Take your music with you with the portable and powerful Bag of Riddim. It's unique design uses a canvas carry bag with shoulder strap for easy transportation to wherever you need great sound. An integrated iPhone and iPod dock provides simple docking and charging for your Apple device and the convenient auxiliary input lets you connect hundreds of other phones and music players. Bag of Riddim delivers enough bass to fill a room, a backyard barbeque or a beach party with powerful and lively sound.

  • Dual 4" Speakers

Dual 4" speakers, two 1–inch tweeters at 32 watts and DSP Sound Processing reproduces strong, high-quality high and low sounds.

  • Dual Battery Powered

Dual battery power and AC adapter for cordless mobility and power saving.

  • Recyclable Plastic

Recyclable plastic housing that’s high quality, adds to durability and keeps materials out of the waste stream.

  • Recycled Packaging

Marley uses recycled paper, recycled plastic and other earth-friendly materials in our packaging. Please recycle.

  • Rewind

Rewind fabric using 30 Hemp / 30 Organic Cotton / 40 Recycled Plastic Bottles.