Short Term Rentals

Rent the products you need.

With flexible short term solutions, rent rather than
buy a Mac.

Sometimes all you need is a device to use for a short time. Digicape’s rental solutions are ideal for anyone that needs a temporary device without the commitment of a purchase. From App developers that need to test their new build, or showcase a product at a conference or launch, to teams that need to quickly ramp up capacity for a short term contract, or for when you are stuck without your Mac and cannot afford the downtime, Digicape can assist.

Short term rentals

Digicape keep a wide range of the Macs and other devices available for short term rental. The great benefit in renting of course is that we take full responsibility for ensuring the device we provide you with is right for the job you need it to do, we’re on hand to give you ongoing support and an immediate return and replace policy if anything should happen. So no more excuses, don’t hold back on taking on that extra work or delivering a first class experience because you don’t have right technology on hand.

How to go about renting from Digicape?

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