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The new Alpha 1 Pro, featuring new body material more solid and durable, better housing materials all over its body, upgraded more quieter robotic servo motor, detachable and replaceable battery, new mainboard, bluetooth and improved speaker and emergency stop button.

The First Humanoid Robot Designed for the Family. With easy to use software and Apps, controlling your own robot is now affordable.

The UBtech Alpha 1 Pro Humanoid Intelligent Robot has 16 degrees of freedom (DOF), 5 degrees each for left and right leg, 3 each for left and right hands. The robot has obtained a number of low-power design patents which allow it to perform multiple complex movements, such as push-ups, forward roll, backward roll, handstand, high leg kick etc. It can perform series movements, such as tai chi, hip hop and other dances or just make it walk. Sensors include a 3 axis gyroscope and infrared sensor to ensure that it keeps balanced. It can rotate up to 180 degrees for maximum agility.

Easy to use graphic programming allows you to setup different moves or you can get it to remember moves by manipulating the arms and legs and saving them in the app as you go. There are also stored moves and songs for you to download. Show off to your friends all the latest dance moves or fitness moves without leaving the couch. Better yet, follow its moves on the dance floor. This is a great way to teach kids the basics of coding.

Alpha 1 Pro will be your favorite entertainment companion. Have the freedom to learn, program, and share your demonstrations, dances, yoga moves, and martial arts with your friends. You can also Bluetooth all your hot music hits via your iPhone, Android, or PC for the Alpha 1 Pro to dance along to.

Key features

With 16 movable joint
Entire machine body uses shock-resistant
Environmentally-friendly ABS plastic
High-speed Bluetooth connection
Play time: About 60min

In the box

Alpha 1 Pro Robot
The Charger or Adapter
Download Cord (Robot to USB)
User Manual