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AngelBird SSD2go PKT 256GB

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True greatness cannot be measured!

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Type-A to Type-C cable
Type-C to Type-C cable
Activation code for the full limited warranty and additional free software licenses and content

The new Angelbird SSD2GO PKT makes its own rules. Standards are meant to be broken.
It's fast, compact, and shines with unique features.

Do more, do it instantly
Whether you're working, creating or just having fun, your media and data are where you are. With blazing speeds of up to 560MB/s.​

Merges with your mobile workflow
With USB 3.1 Type-C, 10Gb/s the SSD2GO PKT is fully compatible with the standard of the future and ensures that your mobile workflow will shine. Its low power draw means high compatibility — with everything from computers to televisions, car stereos, mobile devices, tablets, and more.

Small and proud
​The technology we carry with us - those indispensable devices that go where we go - must be rugged, reliable, and easy to take along. The SSD2GO PKT, at just 50 grams and about the size of a car key, meets all those standards with excellence.

Hard to take your eyes off
Designed and manufactured in Austria to demanding specs, the SSD2GO PKT delivers award-winning Angelbird quality, power, and style in a pocket-size device that’s a perfect match for your on-the-go life.

Fights the bad
To protect your valuable data the SSD2GO PKT fights impact, dust, splash water, high temperature electrical shocks, X-rays and magnetic fields with ease. Its Solid Connect interface logic is another feature you're going to love.

  • Shock, Dust, Splash Water, Temperature Proof
  • X-Ray and Magnetic Proof
  • ESD & Overload Protection

Trim 2 Go
With TRIM 2 GO Angelbird introduces the foundation to ensure that your portable SSD2GO will always perform and stay alive for endless hours of creating, working, and enjoying.