Moshi iVisor XT for iPhone 6/6s

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Protects from Scratches and Smudges
Easy Bubble-Free Application
Screen Remains Bright and Clear
Touch Sensitivity is Unaffected
Hardened Surface for Scratch Protection
Phone Retains Full Functionality
Can Be Cleaned and Reapplied

iVisor XT is a crystal clear screen protector that provides complete edge-to-edge protection for your iPhone 6 curved screen. Unlike other screen protectors that require a tedious installation process, iVisor's can be applied in seconds and is 100% bubble-free. A multi-layer design ensures optimal touch sensitivity, absolute clarity, and full edge-to-edge screen protection. iVisor XT is surface treated for enhanced scratch protection.

  • Complete edge-to-edge protection with a precision-tooled curved bezel.
  • 100% bubble free guaranteed. Installation takes only seconds!
  • High transparency and unparalleled clarity.
  • iVisor can be cleaned and reapplied.
  • Hardened surface treatment for enhanced scratch protection.