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Kraken AMS case for iPad Pro 9.7"

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Screen Size - 9.7 inches
Compatibility - Apple 9.7" iPad Pro
Enhanced Audio Sound funnel Technology
Protects device controls and ports

Kraken A.M.S. features a three-in-one case, transforming a heavy-duty Kraken A.M.S. case to a light-weight Perseus case. The Kraken A.M.S. case includes a detachable aluminum media stand, providing the option to attach a variety of interchangeable accessories, allowing you to use your device to its full potential.

Kraken A.M.S. consists of shock-absorbing TPE inner layer, covered by a hardened polycarbonate outer-casing, with a built-in screen protector, to provide maximum protection.

This case Series includes TPE on the inside, with an overmolded hardened polycarbonate exterior, making it less susceptible to wear and tear.

The double-thick, impact-resistant TPE corners protect your device from accidents, and the tough polycarbonate exterior provides a stylish and rugged surface for maximum protection.

Kraken A.M.S. protects device power-ports, audio-jacks and speakers with TPE plugs and dust filters to keep out dirt and debris.

Each case includes patent pending audio technology that redirects sound to the front of the tablet to provide an enhanced audio experience.

Each case is compatible with the robust shoulder strap (optional) that is packed with comfort for everyday use.

Kraken A.M.S. cases feature hardened bio-enhanced plastic that is recyclable, degradable and compostable, making it truly eco-friendly.

Kraken A.M.S. cases meet Military Standard MIL-STD-810F for Drop, Vibration, Dust, Sand and Rain (Independently Tested).