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The classroom of the future would not be complete without inspired and prepared teachers. At Digicape we offer a full suite of training solutions for learners, educators and IT departments.

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We regularly host public events for the education community including:

  • Apple Tech Series
  • Appy Hour (our teacher meet and share event)
  • Information sharing sessions
  • International speakers

Check in regularly to see what's coming up next.

Swift Learn to Code 1 Holiday Camp, 9-13 Dec

swift learn to code 1 holiday camp, 9-13 dec image

Description: Technology has a language. It’s called code.

And we believe coding is an essential skill. Learning to code teaches you how to solve problems and work together in creative ways.

Swift is a modern coding language that can be used to write apps for both traditional computers as well as mobile devices.

Give your kids the opportunity to stretch their creativity and coding skills by sending them to our coding workshops. 

Objective: To expose learners to the basics of coding by solving puzzles in a game world.

Target Audience: Students aged 9-13

Venue: Edgemead Primary School

Cost: R850

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Swift Learn to Code 2 Holiday Workshops

swift learn to code 2 holiday workshops image

Description: Technology has a language. It’s called code.

And we believe coding is an essential skill. Learning to code teaches you how to solve problems and work together in creative ways.

Swift is a modern coding language that can be used to write apps for both traditional computers as well as mobile devices.

Give your kids the opportunity to stretch their creativity and coding skills by sending them to our coding workshops. 

Objective: To expose learners to the basics of coding by solving puzzles in a game world.

Target Audience: Students who have already completed the Learn to Code 1 course.

Venue: Edgemead Primary School

Cost: R950

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Scratch Holiday Coding Workshop

scratch holiday coding workshop image

Description: Scratch is a highly-popular block-based coding platform. With a well-stocked media library, Scratch provides the opportunity to learn to code through creating animated stories and games.

In this week of Scratch, we’ll be doing both. In each session we will follow a structured activity that scaffolds the learning of code. We’ll also have time for students to independently experiment with what they have learnt so that they may creatively consolidate their knowledge.

Block-based coding offers an easy way to experiment with code as you do not have to focus on typing code accurately, but rather on coding accurately. The highly visual interface is easy to use and provides a comfortable environment to have fun with code.

Scratch was developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten Foundation at MIT and is available free of charge at

Scratch runs within most modern browsers, making it available to you wherever you have computer with access to the internet.


Objective: To expose learners to the basics of coding by building animations and coding their own mini games.

Target Audience: Students aged 9-13

Venue: Edgemead Primary School

Cost: R850

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As trained Apple Professional Development Consultants in Education, we are able to deliver Apple Accredited Professional Development to your teachers. This series of courses runs the gamut from Vision and Planning for the schools executive and HOD’s through to Enhancing Teaching and Learning in Language Arts via Challenge Based Learning.

The courses cover 6 main areas, namely:

  • Leadership – focussing on vision and strategic planning
  • Foundations – iOS and macOS for all
  • Curriculum – subject specific training
  • Support – planning and modelling best practices
  • Preschool – early childhood development
  • Higher Education – tools for tertiary

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Our education team has created a wealth of courses for both macOS and iOS to support the whole community.

From effective digital teaching strategies, to the best tools for recording your understanding of your learning. From making your home a safe digital environment to just good old productivity, you'll find a workshop here to take you from a digital newbie to a ninja. And if you're already a ninja we'll help you polish your nanchuks.

  • Teachers
  • Learners
  • Parent evenings
  • Breakfast workshops

iPad 101 and Book Creator

ipad 101 and book creator image


Educators who are new to iPad and would like to become comfortable with the interface, navigating iPad and editing settings.

All this, and an introduction to the potential iPad brings to the classroom. 


At the end of this course, participants will be able to navigate iPad with confidence and be comfortable with its settings and their purposes. Users will also be able to customise their iPad to suit their style of working. Users will be competent in using functions like copy and paste, multitasking and various techniques that leverage the power of the iPad.

We also cover the use of the built-in camera and its capabilites, as well as the management of images; whether captured by camera, downloaded from the internet or screenshots. The course ends with participants creating an interactive book on the iPad containing text, video, images and sound. 

Home Filtering

home filtering image


Parents who want to understand how to protect their home internet from access to undesirable or dubious content.


Protect your household from the more unsavoury content on the interwebs.

We’ll show you how to protect your entire household by setting up a content filtering system on your home router. If you’d only like to filter content to some devices, we’ll show you how to do that too. Best of all, the filtering service we’ll use is free, secure and device agnostic.

Whether you’re an all Mac family, or you need to look after some PCs and consoles too, we’ve got you covered.


Evernote for Personal Organisation

evernote for personal organisation image


People who would like to use the power of Evernote to take all class notes, keep them organised and synced across multiple devices.


Evernote is a powerful note taking app, which stores not only text, but many other file types too. Its powerful search will enable quick recall of not only your notes, but its built in character recognition will also help you search text inside images as well. Its reminder function will pop your notes to the top of the list at exactly the date and time that you need them.

Learn how to leverage this power and keep all your notes, whether they are for work, school or personal use. 

iTunes U

itunes u image


Anyone who would like to learn how to create and deliver online learning courses through iTunes U - the world’s biggest repository of free online educational content.


This course will take participants through the process of creating online courses using iTunes U.

From layout and adding media resources, creating assignments, assigning hand in and grading status to projects, to setting due dates and allowing collaboration, iTunes U is a great way to disseminate information to your learners, both for in-class or distance learners, and facilitate discussions between both the educator, the learner and the group. 

iPad Management for your ICT Team

ipad management for your ict team image


ICT administrators who would like to manage and control institution-owned iOS Devices.


This course will cover using Apple Configurator to supervise and manage iOS Devices. Typical functions include: controlling iOS Devices remotely, push information such as text books to iOS Devices and prevent users from installing or deleting apps. 

iPad for Parents

ipad for parents image


This workshop is aimed at parents who would like to better understand the iPad and how they may support their child/children using the iPad for their school work.


The course covers the basic operation of the iPad as well as some insights as to how it improves learning in the 21st century classroom.

We also expose parents to the various options for security and restrictions on the iPad so that they may better understand the safety challenges of the online world, as well as some methods of protection. 

iBook Author

ibook author image


This course is aimed at lecturers, educators or students who would like to create beautiful, interactive books for their courses or projects through either the repurposing of existing Word documents, presentations and other media, or starting from scratch with stunning templates.


iBooks Author is Apple’s free ePub authoring package for macOS.

Inside iBooks Author, users can create rich interactive books which can include video, audio, quizzes and 3D models and many other interactive elements.

This course will examine creating an iBook and exporting it as an ePub, making it readable on iOS and macOS devices or any other ePub reader. 


garageband  image


Anyone who would like to use audio to enhance or embellish their learning experiences.

Create music or soundtracks by combining voice, real and digital musical instruments, loops and sound effects.


Attendees will create a song in GarageBand using the built in smart instruments and loops. If the user be musically talented, use of real instruments is welcome.

The final song can incorporate loops, recorded music, sampled sounds, voice and sound effects - whatever appeals to the song’s creator. 

Then use this music royalty free in your own videos, presentations or projects.

Bringing Science to Life with Labdisc

bringing science to life with labdisc image


Educators who would like to harness the power of LabDisc to acquire data from a number of sensors that can then be used to analyse and discuss scientific principles.


This course will give educators the technical skills as well as practical examples of how transform the appreciation of science in the classroom.

Using digital sensors, the hidden maths and physics behind real world phenomena can be viewed, logged and analysed. The logged data can then will be imported into Numbers, where the data can be analysed in even more detail. 

Digital Storytelling on iPad

digital storytelling on ipad image


Educators who would like to explore the various options for digital storytelling on iPad to make differentiated learning a reality.


The focus of this workshop is to deliver the skills necessary for educators to implement digital storytelling workflows in the classroom, leveraging the power of appropriate apps for the task at hand.

The final product from this workshop is a short movie that is created from clips generated in a variety of apps. 

Creating Self-marking Assessments

creating self-marking assessments image


Educators who would like to receive instant class feedback digitally.

Create self-marking assessments, receive those assessment reports and have an exit ticket system for class.


This course will look at various methods of delivering self-marking digital assessments.

Participants will learn how to use Nearpod to deliver a presentation and assess understanding during the presentation. Kahoot! and Socrative will also be used to show how a variety of questioning styles can be used to achieve different outcomes in class, with little or no marking left for the educator.

Finally, participants will use Google Forms and Flubaroo to create a self-marking test which can be shared with a group of people via email or web link. 

Making Movies on the iPad

making movies on the ipad image


Educators who would like to incorporate movie making into their classroom.


This workshop will follow the process of creating a short movie, from the initial planning stage, the filming and the editing of the clips. 

We'll exmine at the pedagogy behind the process. The story boarding, the critical thinking behind shot selection and editing. More than just a technical training session.

Brainstorming and Collaboration

brainstorming and collaboration image


Educators who would like to explore methods of sharing ideas and brainstorming in the classroom. Whether the aim is to have a collaborative effort, learners working solo or both, there are solutions every scenario.


This course will focus on using the iPad as a tool for brainstorming.

Participants will use Padlet to begin brainstorming as a class then create word clouds. Then using Popplet Lite, participants will create their own mind map / flow chart.

This course will also use Timelines 3D to create informative and interactive timelines which include audio, video and text. 

Augmented Reality (AR)

augmented reality (ar) image


Anyone who would like to create engaging and captivating augmented reality experiences which provide another level of information to enhance a static image or object. Augmented reality is reality for the Pokemon Go generation


This course will provide participants with the skills to create augmented reality experiences through the use of the Aurasma app for iOS. We will examine the creation of simple auras on the iPad as well as using the Aurasma online studio to create more elaborate auras.

Participants will also make use of Morfo Booth and ThingLink to bring static images to life and create captivating and engaging multimedia experiences.

We will also address the creation and use of QR codes to easily disseminate information, both during instruction as well as on static displays such as noticeboards, whether traditional or digital. 


animation image


Educators who would like to use animation as an engaging process where learners can deepen their knowledge and express their understanding of complex subjects through the use of stop motion animation.


Attendees will work through the skills needed to create stop-motion animations on iPad as well as exporting multiple animations to be edited in iMovie. 

Using Explain Everything

using explain everything image


The interactive Smartboard is redundant. Simply connect your iPad to your projector and use Explain Everything instead. And as a bonus, you can record your work in Explain Everything and export them as tutorial videos incorporating a variety of media including images and videos, websites. Did we mention that it's compatible with Keynote, Powerpoint, PDF, Word…?


At the end of this course, participants will be able to create rich video explanations on a variety of topics including language and literature, mathematics, sciences and analyses of artworks. This course equips you not only with the technical skills, but also a variety of pedagogical examples and collaborative options between multiple users, whether they are learners or educators. 

Accessibility and Special Needs

accessibility and special needs image


Teachers and parents who’d like to investigate the wide array of accessibility features available on the Apple platform and how they can transform learning and living for people with special needs. This course can be run on either the macOS or iOS platform depending on the needs of the learner.


Accessibility has been one of Apple’s major goals throughout their product releases and in iOS 10 and macOS, the possibilities have reached new heights. Assistive technologies have been built into the devices on both a software and hardware level, providing a reliable and user-friendly experience, levelling the playing field between those with physical or cognitive impairments and their peers.


Our Seeding Programme gives you the opportunity to experience the effective use of technology in the classroom, and the only expenditure is your time.

We'll loan you 5 iPads and deliver 4 Professional Development sessions over the course of 8 weeks to give you plenty of time to get intimately aquainted with what a technology supported teaching and learning environment looks like.

If you'd like to join our seeding program, contact us to arrange a consultation.

Download our Seeding Programme PDF for more information on the course and the requirements to participate.

Session 1 - The Basics

session 1 - the basics image

This session explores the basic operations of iPad as well as the framework for using the iPad as an educational tool inside and outside the classroom.

In this session we also highlight the assistive technologies built into all Apple products. These system-level features give users with special needs the ability to immerse themselves in the digital world.

This session also dives into the iPad’s camera and the resulting images and videos are compiled into an interactive digital book also created in this workshop.

Session 2 - Beyond Substitution

session 2 - beyond substitution image

In this session, we use the iPad to brainstorm and plan a news story or weather report.

Then we collate the relevant information and any other media needed before creating our news story using a variety of apps. During this task, the data collected is analysed to provide a report that is of relevance and use to the viewers.

This learning experience offers different levels of engagement depending on the target audience, but the best practice workflow means that students of any age will learn a workflow methodology that will set them up for success in future projects.

Session 3 - The Productivity Suite

session 3 - the productivity suite image

This week we look at using Pages, Keynote and Numbers to complete various tasks. Using digital tools to easily create charts frees up time to meaningfully engage with the data and draw conclusions.

In Pages, learners will bolster their understanding of literary icons, whilst getting familiar with the tools that make up a word processing package.

Our final task, introduces some of Keynote’s basic features in a fun and unexpected way.

Session 4 - Transformation and Course Management

session 4 - transformation and course management image

In the final session of our seeding programme, we look at creating rich educational content using Explain Everything, one of our favourite apps on iPad.

For teachers wanting to exert some management and control in their classroom, iOS 9.3 brought Apple Classroom - a remote management app that gives teachers great power from anywhere in the room.

iTunes U is the world’s largest repository of academic content. We’ll show you how it works, why it’s awesome and how you can start making and uploading your own courses, today.