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MiPow RGB Color Candle Light S w/ App Control

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Playbulb candle S with built-in re-chargeable battery - RGB color candle light with app control.

Enjoy colors, embrace fun with mobile app.

Night Light
An ideal night light for your beloved as this flameless candle is safe and smart.

Flameless Light
It is safe and smart. Light up your life without danger.

Long Operating Time
PLAYBULB candle accompanies you every night and still it works for two whole months (4 hours a day)

AA Battery x 3
Three batteries for PLAYBULB candle. Easy to change.

A Candle Holder
Put it upside-down, it becomes a candle holder. Candle your romantic moment!

Safe & Smart
A perfect companion for your peaceful moment.

Group Them To Maximise Fun
PLAYBULB X App allows you to group multiple PLAYBULBs. The best grouping performance is 5 PLAYBULB in a group.