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24K gold RadiSafe Cellphone Radiation Shield

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Pack of 2 Stickers

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Small button sized disk
Fastens to back of any cellphone or electronic device
Lasts lifetime of your phone

When you make a call, cellphones emit very high levels of electromagnetic (EMF) radiation directly into your head, actually heating it up in the process. Extensive scientific evidence links sustained EMF exposure to many brain cancers and serious illnesses. RadiSafe provides effective, efficient cell phone radiation protection through ‚ÄúState of The Art technology which harmonises harmful radiation and lowers your daily exposure to EMF.

RadiSafe Anti-Radiation Cellphone Shield is a specially designed Cell Phone harmoniser that can effectively remove headaches, insomnia and hair loss caused by Electronic radiation and prevent stress, fatigue, and brain tumours and blood cancer caused by electromagnetic radiation. This high quality Radiation Shield easily attaches to all telephones and electronic devices including all computers, Big Screen TV's and Wi-Fi devices in your home. Your microwave oven definitely needs the protection of a RadiSafe Shield to make sure microwaves are contained within the oven.

The effective protection created by RadiSafe uses Super Nano EMI Fibre to absorb and transfer electromagnetic radiation waves by using special minerals and crystal materials that absorb the damaging EMF radiations and reduce mobile phone radiation without effecting the quality of call signal. It limits injury on the human brain up to 99 percent as this radiation is eliminated from the field around the cellphone.

  • Protect your ears, brain, & body from the harmful effects of cell Phone radiation & Heating. 
  • Reduces up to 80% of your mobiles heat Radiation. Makes it cooler.
  • Saves your battery cells and noticeably extends daily battery life.
  • SHIELDS up to 99.95% of radiation emitted from your mobile phone. 
  • Safe to carry your phone in pockets of pants(private parts), bra(breast area) or jacket(heart)
  • Fully tested by European Bureau of Standards.  CE Mark of Approval. All Claims substantiated by CIEMS Electronic Laboratory, California, USA.