Digicape in Education

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Digicape make learning fun with a full range of the latest interactive Apple products, software, apps and accessories created to inspire greatness in everyone.

"The professionalism as well as the fun aspects presented to us added to the enthusiasm with which the training was received. It was impossible to get the educators out of the laboratory to take breaks." Richard Knaggs, Parklands College Director of Technology

Digicape in Education

From Grade R right up to South Africa's tertiary institutions, Digicape is leading the way to support, train and engage in helping South Africa's educational establishments realise the full potential of their financial and intellectual investment in Apple and related products and software.

Digicape has partnered with over 80 schools nationally, from tiny pilot projects to large Apple 1:1 rollouts, which has seen over 550 Macs and 700 iPads implemented in a single school. We train teachers in order to help them realise the potential of using technology in the classroom and with institutions, to help them realise their vision for a school where technology supports and enhances teaching and learning . We consult with, train and support IT Departments. We have been an integral partner in the success of one of the largest 1:1 Apple implementations in Africa.

"The workshop was such a success and the project produced by each group of such high standard that they have been encouraged to enter the iLife Competition and an Animation competition. " Khanya Special Projects Manager

iPad inspires creativity

The iPad inspires creativity and hands-on learning with features you won’t find in any other educational tool — on a device that students really want to use. Powerful apps from the App Store like iTunes U and iBooks let students engage with content in interactive ways, find information in an instant, and access an entire library wherever they go. And now with the introduction of the iPad mini even more students can get their hands on these amazing devices and open their minds to the wonders of Apple learning and collaboration


Apple has extremely strong software available in the form of the iLife and the iWork suite of apps. Digicape has researched and identified a number of additional software and hardware solutions that embody the best representation of tools that can be used to facilitate 21st century learning. From stop motion animation on both Macs and iPads, to 3D Timeline software, subtitling software for innovative practice in language learning and fully digital language laboratories, we can help you map your curriculum to some of the best apps out there, or help you repurpose traditional apps to facilitate transformative practices in the classroom.


Bring science and data to life with our hardware offerings include the Labdisc from Globisens, a multi-sensor science data gathering instrument which works independently or tethered to a Mac, PC or iPad.

DEP and device deployment

Safe and securely deploy your institution-owned iPads and Macs via the Device Enrolment Programme. To learn more about DEP and device deployment click here.


If your school, college or university needs Apple technology to undertake a program or if your company is looking for a partner to co-invest in education and technology projects, you should be speaking to us.