iKlear Complete Cleaning Kit

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60ml Pump Spray Bottle of iKlear (Airplane Travel Size)
180ml Pump Spray Bottle of iKlear
Micro-Chamois polishing cloth
Micro-Chamois polishing cloth
Micro-Fibre "terry" polishing cloth
iKlear Step 1/Wet Travel Singles
iPhone/keyboard Antibacterial Micro-Fibre cloth

iKlear Complete Cleaning Kit

The iKlear Complete Cleaning Kit with it's all-inclusive selection of cleaning products is the ideal cleaning kit for all your Apple cleaning needs!

The new addition of the anti-bacterial Micro-fibre cloth makes disinfecting your iPhone and computer keyboards easy, eliminating over 99,0% of bacteria with just a few wipes.

iKlear is the only cleaner recommended by Apple Techicians.

Trust iKlear to clean, protect and preserve all your electronic items.