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Kanex Mini Display To 4K HDMI Cable 2M

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Supporting the new Ultra HD displays with up to 4K resolution, this premium Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Cable lets you view your favourite movies in full HD with multi-channel digital audio output. Showcase your vacation and family photos in stunning high definition or make vivid presentations in the office and in the classroom onto a larger full HD display from your MacBook.

Single cable solution
One cable for both audio and video means fewer cables to connect to your device. High flexibility, low bend radius and compact connectors will fit neatly under tight spaces.

Convenient Length
At 2m in length, the HDMI cable provides you with the flexibility to extend your desktop content from anywhere.

Thunderbolt compatibility
The Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Cable is fully compatible with Thunderbolt 2 or DisplayPort 1.2 devices allowing you to easily connect any Mac to any TV or display to create the ultimate multimedia experience right from your home.