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xRapid Compound Kit without iPhone

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If you need a complete solution with a new microscope
this kit offers a great accuracy and it is easy and fast to use. Its weight is 4kg. It can run up to 200 tests/day.
1xBiological Compound Microscope
1x xRapid 60x Lens
1x Case Adapter
1x xRapid App
100x Tests (Field Microscope)

xRapid is a world first in mobile health. xRapid-Malaria is the first commercially available app that has the functionality to quickly and accurately diagnose a major disease. By deploying cutting edge Digital Imaging (DI) technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI), xRapid has brought a revolutionary platform that can diagnose diseases such as Malaria and Tuberculosis faster, cheaper and more accurately than conventional methods.

xRapid automated diagnostic test works on both compound and field microscopes. The test is accurate to a minimum of 98%, is consistent and reliable in its results as well as robust enough to cope with harsh climates and hot temperatures. Added to all of this, it is the lowest cost per test on the global market.

xRapid’s flagship product: xRapid-Malaria uses the power of the iPhone processor and its imaging to identify the shapes and colours of the malaria parasite. It is an innovation that sidesteps the problems with currently available methods. It can be stored anywhere, taken anywhere and used anywhere with very little training required. Malaria is a deadly global health problem that causes a downward spiral of poverty in some of the most deprived parts of the world, xRapid-Malaria gives many more people the means to test and treat the disease.